Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Very graphic material

A few months ago, I created my first banner graphic for this site:

My buddy Josh Perlson, who probably told me that he does something with graphics for a living in between our recitations of Big Lebowski quotes, said that he could do better. Then he cranked out these puppies:

Those banners were cool, but I never used them here because it felt weird putting up pictures of people I'd never met before. It would be like putting the picture that came with the frame up on my mantle.

So then we came up with the idea of ripping off famous designs, and Perlson went to town. Here are all of the banner graphics that he's created so far:

There are also some that aren't in the rotation 'cause they just didn't feel quite right. Anybody have any ideas for these? Like, the Froot Loops one needs a catchy slogan, but I got nothin'. Here are some that aren't on the page yet:

Dang, even as I scroll back through these, I am freaking impressed. Perlson, you're a good man. I can't repay you in graphics, but if you ever need to me plagiarize anything for you, just say the word.


  1. They're very good! I liked the Jurassic Park and House themes the best.. the 'lupus' reference had me in splits.

  2. I love the HP one and Willy Wonka. They're all really good.

  3. If anyone would like a custom masthead for their column, let me know....I waste a lot of time at work. I'd say in given week I actually do about 15 minutes of real work.

  4. Can you laugh hysterically at this column? Yes Tou-can.

  5. All are great, espec. House and Indiana Jones(?)
    Here are a couple ideas:

    and for the other side (ha),

  6. For the fruit loops one: Where you'll go coo coo for cocopuffs.


  7. Froot Loops: Just follow your nose to this fruity column

    Froot Loops: A column that nose humor

  8. Wordjunkie -- Glad you like that Lupus thing. Ever notice that it comes up in every episode?

    Carmel -- I spent five minutes looking for the Hewlett-Packard graphic, until I realized that HP meant Harry Potter. Yeah, that one's one of my faves, too. Is there anything funny about printers we can do with the other HP?

    Perlson -- I have people skills. I am good at dealing with people. Can't you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?

    JP -- Nicely done.

    Buster -- Those are some fantastic ideas. We shall commence ripping them off posthaste. And by we I mean Josh. I don't actually do anything.

    The Serge -- Cocopuffs? Dude, they don't have Froot Loops in Russia, do they?

    Jered -- Dang, man, giving JP a run for his money. I'll let Perlson decide, since he's the one that does stuff.

  9. I love all of them but I think the Soprano one is my fave. I wish I knew where he makes those or with what program. I want some.

  10. In mother russia, fruit loops you...

    But seriously... no, no they don't.

  11. Those are AWESOME! I am seriously geeking out on the creativity AND the skill! :)

  12. Sheri -- I dig that one, too. Just tell Perlson to stop doing his stupid real work and whip you one up. That's what I do.

    The Serge -- Dude, that was funny.

    ZenMom -- He's a badass, right? He hasn't done any new ones lately, though. I'm hoping the adulation in the comments here will help motivate.