Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Coming soon to a derelict book club near you

This summer, I'm banding together with three other columnists from The Chestnut Hill Local to put out a book of our best columns. It will most definitely be a money-losing venture, but since our house has a septic system that can't handle too much paper, it's best for now if I only flush our money down the john figuratively.

We're each submitting 10 columns. I never know which ones are any good -- sometimes, I'm humiliated to post a column, only to find out people liked it. Other times, I'm all psyched to post a column that, in retrospect, sucks. If you have any input about which columns that should be included in the book, please holler my way. If you'd rather not leave it in a comment, you can email me at mikectodd@gmail.com. Muchas gracias, amigo(s). Any input is much appreciated.

Dude! I almost forgot to post a picture of my dog:


  1. You should only submit the columns with dog pictures. Those are the best. Also, we're not friends anymore because you didn't call and tell me the big news. I had to learn this from your column?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Well, that explains the three-legged deer that came through my yard earlier this week.

  4. Haha, I can only imagine what Rich wrote before you removed it. Moderation needed up in dis piece

  5. Perlson -- I almost called you last night, but I'm sick of hearing your voicemail message. Until you figure out how to answer your phone (or you get less picky about screening your calls), we'll just have to communicate around my dog pictures.

    Rich -- Ha! It does kind of look like that. And if this is my neighbor Rich, it's excellent to hear from you. Not that it's not still nice to hear from you if you aren't my neighbor.

    Bob -- I'm guessing Rich accidentally posted his comment twice and deleted the first one. I only censor Perlson and Chunks. Oh, and Darryl. And his other brother Darryl. I wonder how many people under 30 would get the other brother Darryl reference. Maybe three?

  6. You realise your subconscious is actually ding this to make us unpulished bloggers feel inadequate? "An insidious argument of invidious intent", no less.

    Ummm ... do we get thanked in your foreword if we help with the selection?


  7. JAP -- I'm not sure if what we're doing counts as being published. Seems like, if it did count, the money would be going the other way.

    A foreword! I knew we were forgetting something.