Sunday, February 01, 2015

Moving to a new electronic home...

This week marks the tenth anniversary of Just Humor Me, which started back in February of 2005.  I'm as surprised as you that this blog has been around for ten years, because, if you recall, the Internet wasn't even invented until 2006. 

Recently, I've let the template of this blog get a little crusty and out-of-date.  The header images reference shows that were canceled five years ago.  My profile picture over there -> features at least 45% more hair than I have now, which is why it is still my profile picture.  The whole thing just smells of the internet circa 2008, and a ten-year blogiversary seems like a good occasion for a little freshening up.

I learned of the wonders of Wordpress when creating, my other hobby.  Everything over on Wordpress is just effortless.  So while I appreciate the ten years of free blog hosting that Google has bestowed upon me, it's time to close up shop here and move over to Wordpress.

The new home of Just Humor Me is here:

Everything here has been ported over there (with the exception of the star ratings that inexplicably disappeared off this blog a while back), including all previous posts, comments, and pictures.  I'll be tweaking the design over there as we go, too - hope you dig my first crack at it.

Also, a special thanks to the guy who claimed back in 2009, created a default first post, then abandoned it.  Really, guy.  Thanks for that. 

I hate updating bookmarks as much as the next person, but if you can hang with this one jump, I'll do my best to stay put for another decade.

Thank you for all your support over the years!  Hope to see you over at the new place.