Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The blue team wins

A little while back, I posted our most recent ultrasound pics without mentioning what the pictures confirmed: that we are expecting a little boy human to join us outside of Kara's womb in a few months.

You can't really tell one way or the other from this shot:

But here's the same picture with the boy parts graphically enhanced:


  1. Congrats... will he inherit the infamous family middle name?

  2. Ooh... what's the infamous family middle name?

    You know, the only problem with ultrasound pics is they all tend to have a very H. R. Giger feel to them. Not what I would think of as comforting to parents: "See, you can tell his second set of jaws are in..." Then again, a Hello Kitty ultrasound would scare the bejeezus out of me.

    Congrats on the boy... playing catch in the front yard is not too far off!

  3. Jered -- We're still working on the name thing. If we name him Jared, though, we'll be sure to spell it right.

    Chris -- Ha, yeah, my middle name is Cox. I think it's just famous, but we can go with infamous for Jered Earl's sake.