Monday, April 06, 2009

This one's for the Boyce

The pooch and I took a stroll through Boyce Park in Dover, NY yesterday. There's a rickety old launch ramp for hangliders at the top of the hill behind the park, but judging from the trees growing in front of it, that thing hasn't been used in years. Still, it's a nice view, and if I was the mayor of Dover, I'd use that ramp to issue my proclamations.

Here are the best shots from the new camera, which I still haven't broken yet:


  1. Great job on the pics man... it looks like you've been practicing a bit. Are you still using automatic settings or have you played around with manual?

  2. Beautiful photos! You must teach me the flying dog trick, though. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad to have found yours.

  3. Nice pics. Good eye.

    Wow... such a vast and wide-open space!

  4. Chunks -- Baby steps, man. I did pop it out of auto focus for a couple of 'em, since Curry showed me how to work the manual focus. But dude, there's like, lots of buttons and dials and crap.

    ZenMom -- Thanks! Glad you stopped by. And also, you need a spastic puppy. Then we'll talk.

    Chris -- Indeed, the Dixie Chicks would dig it there. Do I need to spell out the Wide Open Spaces thing, or should I focus more on the man-shame I should be feeling for knowing Dixie Chicks songs?

  5. Dude, I have faith in you. I have one eye and I can do it. And honestly, don't worry about taking it out of AutoFocus just yet. Play around with shutter and aperture controls first. Once you master that, then start to play with focus. You can tweak focus priority in AutoFocus just by pressing the shutter button halfway while focused on one object then recompose/reframe the photo and press the button the rest of the way.

    As Dunkin Donuts says: You Kin Do It

  6. Jered Earl -- Thanks, man. Always good talking camera with you. I'm too scared to turn the dial away from Auto, though. Or the one with the little flower on it.