Friday, August 25, 2006

About me

Since February of 2005, I've been writing a weekly column for some small newspapers in the Philadelphia area, near where I grew up. It's a hobby that helps subsidize my lavish extra value meal habit.

I use this blog mainly as a repository for the column, posting new ones every Sunday night. This has become a weekly ritual for me, like brushing my teeth.

The column is called "Just Humor Me" in most of the papers, though the Chestnut Hill Local calls it "Over the Top," perhaps in reference to my third-favorite arm-wrestling movie of all time. "Just Humor Me" has won first-place Keystone Press Awards in 2006, 2008 and 2009, which are given every year to the 14th caller.

My wife Kara shows up in just about every column. I always call her "my wife Kara" the first time I mention her, 'cause I have to assume that newspaper readers are reading the column for the first time. And probably the last.

The cast of characters also includes our dog Memphis, our son Evan (born June 15, 2009) and assorted other family, friends and unsuspecting passersby.

Here's a picture of our little family, right after Evan was born (eight weeks early):

And here's Evan a couple months later:

And of course the pooch:

And Don Rickles:

So that's pretty much the story. If you know of any newspapers that would like to pay me for stuff I put on the Internet for free, that would be awesome. You can reach me at

Otherwise, thanks for dropping by, and I hope you enjoy the columns!


  1. Is that picture of Don Rickles right before he smashes your hand for scamming his casino?

  2. Congrats on the baby!

  3. Rachel Sarantopoulos6/07/2010 11:58 AM

    Mike, you rock! I just adore your column, and I'm not just saying that because we're related. You keep me snorting with laughter. (Which, I might add, is not a good look for me.) Nonetheless, it is worth the side-stitches to revel in your humor. Kudos, cousin.

  4. Are you surprised that a guy all the way from India loves your blog, and waits for mondays to read it (probably the only reason I ever wait for mondays)? Don't be. Just Humor Me kicks ass, keep at it, please...

  5. Just stumbled across this blog, shall be bookmarking it and looking forward to reading more, thanks all the way from England

  6. Not sure how I ended up on your blog but I'm glad I did. I love it! Thanks for the entertainment all the way from new zealand :)