Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pachysandra: F, yeah!


  1. It the BTTF new? Like it.

    Nice photo, much better when clicked to enlarge it. Fun with the new camera?

    Don't like Dr.s or Dr. offices or even commenting about them. Bad karma, but I did read it below just so you know.

  2. I took me a minute to get Back to the Future out of BTTF, but I'm with you now. It's new-ish. Perlson's taking some (unapproved) time off from new banners for the time being.

    Yeah, I don't know if there's a better way to post pictures here -- they come out so small in this template. Eh well. And yeah, the doc's office is best discussed only if you have a column deadline and nothing else to talk about but puppies and pregnancy.

  3. Sweet...another dog pic. Can't wait to see what that crazy mutt will do next!!!!!!!

  4. Perlson -- Dude, has this blog turned into Marmaduke? Well, I sure as hell don't have any new mastheads to talk about.

  5. The dog is just a warm up for the kiddie pics that will be plastered on this blog.

    There are plenty of other subjects to shoot in your area. Go take some covered bridge shots or catch some illusive squirrels.

    Next time you see Perlson, take some photos of him and we can Photoshop them.

  6. I had to Wikipedia Marmaduke