Thursday, March 26, 2009

No more dog pictures, I promise.

Mmmmmmm... That lie tasted good.


  1. Pretty nice shot... definitely try the manual setting and do area metering to help balance Memphis' dark coat with the bright lighting outside.

  2. Way too complicated for him Jered :)

    Mike, just switch to aperture mode and take one picture at every setting... that way you figure out what it does :)

  3. Way too complicated still Sergey :)

    Mike, just get rid of Memphis and then you don't have to take any more dog pictures.

  4. Guys, guys, daaaang. I'm still at the "put it on AUTO and press the little silver button" phase of camera ownership. It'll be a little while yet before I get to the "become obsessed with area metering and F stops until all the joy has been sucked out of this activity" phase.