Tuesday, March 10, 2009

King of the wild frontier

While tromping through the woods with Memphis last weekend, we happened upon the biggest pawprints I think I've ever seen. Being the expert tracker that I am, I immediately identified the prints as bear tracks.

Here's a picture of Memphis' paws beside one of the prints, taken with the tail from my coonskin cap held out of the way:

When I got home, the stupid Internet said that a bear track looks like this:

And a dog track looks like this:

Which is pretty much exactly what we found. Oh well. Still, we must have been hot on the heels on one big effing dog. Something like an English Mastiff:

or a Giant Pomeranian:


  1. Dude your photo-shopping skills are getting better and better! Ah, yes, and my friend Krista from college wrote to tell me how awesomely funny you are, and that she loves your blog... You SHOULD go national, bro. When you gonna write that book? Hugs, Ames

  2. That English Mastiff could my dog in one bite. I'd hate to find that dog humping my leg. Hugs, Perls

  3. I should really proofread stuff. "Eat my dog"

  4. Ame -- Dude, when I saw "Anonymous said...", I was expecting something obnoxious from one of my friends. What a nice surprise. Thanks for being awesome.

    Perlson -- And by "hate" you mean "secretly love."

    Perlson -- Thanks for your commitment to error-free comment-leaving. And no, I will not "eat your dog."

  5. Could it have been a Coaly print???

  6. Jen -- Ha! It very well could have been. Memphis could get lost in one of those things.

  7. Mike- You just made me cry at 5:43am, dude. That was so funny my strangely weepy left eye teared in 5 seconds flat.

    I have a lot of catching up to do. Poughkeepsie?

  8. Jim! Awesome to hear from you, man. Yeah, Poughkeepsie. It's a long story. Glad you're still hanging around the interwebs -- made my day.