Friday, March 13, 2009

Mama don't take my Kodachrome

After I waited for a WHOLE WEEK like Calvin waiting for his beanie, my new camera finally came in yesterday. Now I really do have a Nikon Camera, and I do, indeed, love to take the phoooooot-to-graphs, or at least I will, as soon as I figure out which button does that. Also, why was Paul Simon worried his mama was going to take his Kodachrome away? Probably because he was huffing it.

So I've been running around for 24 hours taking pictures of everything (and by everything I mean my dog), trying to figure out how to work this thing. I'm pretty sure it's the best purchase I've ever made in my life, despite my fumbling with it to this point. Our future baby is going to get a tan from the flash bulb.

Here's the damage I've been able to do so far:


  1. AWESOME PICS!!! Go Memphis Go! And Mikey, keep up that phooootograph training for August.... Hugs, Big Sis

  2. Dude, those are some great pics. I especially like #4, #6, and #9.

  3. Great pics from the new camera! Memphis running through the trees and the moon shining through the trees---terrific!


  4. Ame -- Hey - Thanks dude! It's fun hearing from you on here. Mom and Dad prefer to go all incognito (see comment #3 - seems suspiciously Mom-like, doesn't it?).

    Russ -- Always great to hear from you, man. We gotta reschedule that rager and hang out soon. You just picked all out faves, too. Word.

    aMOMynous -- Thanks - you rule! And if you're not my mom, sorry for incorrectly identifying you. It's okay if you want to just roll with it anyway, like I do when somebody thinks my name is Todd.

  5. Great shots. the ones of memphis in the air are great, and the moon. super cool. take a longy and run into the shot. it's fun. want to see more . word

  6. Yay!! You did it! What did you end up getting?? And don't you love that song?! It's so catchy :-)

  7. Grats on the camera! I'm a little disappointed you didn't bring it and show it off! :)

    ... and your name *is* Todd... last name 1.

  8. Nice pics. I thought that shot of Memphis coming right at you would be the last shot before she ran you down. Either you got out of the way, or you got back up again (well done).

    The nice thing about digital cameras is that you can take tons of pictures. When the baby comes you can test the patience of your family and friends by showing them each and every one of them!