Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boring you with baby pictures: Just warming up

It's about time to run a technical diagnostic on this blog to see if it can handle pictures that aren't of my dog. Let's try boring the Internet with some prenatal pictures of our baby, hot off the ultrasound machine.

Here's the cutest black-and-white, grainy left foot I've ever seen:

Profile with mouth open:

I know most of my friends haven't spent much time looking at ultrasounds, so here's the same picture with a visual aid to help you locate the baby's head:

Here's the profile with mouth closed:

And here's the profile with mouth closed, plus visual aid:


  1. Is it bad that in the first picture I thought I could see the Millennium Falcon?

  2. Awww....very cute :o) I think the visual aids were quite helpful.

  3. What's all that fuzzy stuff behind your baby's yellow head?

  4. I think u/s pictures are the coolest thing! Look at the spine of your baby and the skull bone. Soooooo neat! Is Kara going to have a 3D OR 4D scan done? Hope so!

  5. Eyrezer -- I'd say yes, if you weren't talking about the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.

    Carmel -- Glad they were useful! Pacman is much better for teaching anatomy than Space Invaders.

    Perlson -- The placenta? A Pacman ghost? Is there a right answer?

    Sheri -- She had a 3D one done at a different office, but that was a few months ago, when they baby still looked like a peanut. I've never heard of a 4D one. Does that involve light speed at all? If so, we could probably tie the Millenium Falcon back into the conversation.

  6. I hope the baby is born with his/her mouth closed....could be pointy if it is open :D

    Love the pics!!

  7. ROFL at your response to Sheri :)

    and... wow! at the pictures!

  8. Mamma Schmoo -- Ha! At least it's not a girl, or there'd be the red bow, too.

    The Serge -- Is that crazy or what? There's actually a little human in there, subsisting entirely on Kool-Aid and Pizza Hut.