Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ultrasound: Not just an awesome name for a band

Here's the newest Todd's first ultrasound from just over a month ago:

Or was this the first sonogram? I have no idea what the difference is.

Anyway, when I sent this picture along to our family, my email said, "For somebody who looks an awful lot like an unshelled peanut, he or she is very photogenic, don't you think?"

My mom sent this response: "What a beeyoutiful baby!!! Don’t you dare say our grandchild looks like an unshelled peanut!! Ha ha."

And she was right. After about another month of development, our little baby is starting to look a lot more recognizable as a person. Here's the most recent picture:

For Kara's sake, I hope the top hat doesn't get any bigger.


  1. Leave the photoshop work to a professional masthead maker.

  2. He/She's got Kara's eyes and your smile... not sure where they got the hat and cane, but the kid already has style.

  3. Anonymous -- Do I have a masthead maker anymore? He seems to be spending his free time commenting, rather than making mastheads. I do not recall authorizing this.

    Chris -- I think he's got Kara's monocle, too.