Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And here's to you, Ms. Anderson

If I know you, internet, you're probably sitting around right now thinking, "Hey, Mike, how come you think Ruth Anderson from Lafayette Hill, PA is the coolest person in the universe?" Well, OK, I'll tell you. Here's her letter that was printed in last week's Chestnut Hill Local:

But little does Ruth know, I'm already famous. You might find this hard to believe, but I have OVER ONE HUNDRED friends on Facebook. I know, it sounds ridiculous. Nobody could possibly have one hundred friends. But I do. And then some. I wonder what all my OVER ONE HUNDRED friends are doing right now. And also I wonder who many of them are.

But I digress. Thank you, Ruth. This made my day.


  1. Derti Terban2/25/2009 12:39 AM

    Way to pat yourself on the back homo... All your material comes from friends and family: I mean how creative are you to throw your memories together with occasional puns and photos? I'll look for the book in 2010 - dedicate it to yourself. But save all the money you make on it for your kid's college fund.

    PS: Ruth Anderson is my pen name so I'll be looking for a thank you note in the mail.

  2. P.S.S. I forgot to add that your columns are extra heavy with analogy references (e.g. you:Victoria Secret::horse:salon)

    I have one for you:
    you:... ohh forget it, you're the king of analogies.

  3. Wise woman that Ruth. I'd buy your book.

  4. Kleen Terban2/25/2009 12:11 PM

    Okay, I should be honest before you take my comments to heart... you're a good writer and congrats on the praise from Ruth - I bet she would have married you if you were single.

    Maybe I'm a little jealous of your special talents. I know the book will be out within a few years - it will be worth it. I should create the cover jacket.

  5. Mike, seems like you need to start moderating the comments again... :)

    On a side note, I'm not ready for the fame of being facebook friends with you... so now you're down to 99.

  6. First off, Chunks...you're a loser.

    I know you're trying to leave mean comments for Mike and make it look like me by adding the "I should create the cover jacket" comment.

    Also, "DertiTurban" is a Howard Stern Joke and I know you listen to Stern all the time.

    In addition, there is absolutely no reason to bring homosexuality into this situation but since you can't resist saying one sentence without the words "Hot guys, gay, or Homo" I know you wrote this.

  7. Perlson... you're such a Sherlock Holmes. I left the clues hoping you would figure it out.

  8. Derti -- OK. Thanks for that, then.

    Derti -- Are you upset because you just came out of a bad SAT prep course?

    Sheri -- Thank you! You're much cooler than Derti. I mean Jered Earl Widmer, aka Chunks, my hilarious friend. That guy's a hoot.

    Kleen -- How sweet. Nice touch mentioning the cover jacket, so I'd think you were Perlson. You're a master criminal.

    Sergey -- Can you unfriend somebody on Facebook? I've been clicking on Jered's profile all day trying to figure out how.

    Perlson -- Dang, that was like the last five minutes of CSI, when Grissom explains how he figured it all out.

    Jered -- I hope my DVR doesn't malfunction when your comedy special comes out.

  9. That's pretty cool. Glad to see some people still read newspapers and she took the time to write.

    I love the letters to the editor in our little county paper; espec the ones replying to another's previous letter. Gets personal.

    Kudos on the pop culture ref to The Graduate, which if I'm not mistaken, you probably didn't see when it originally came out?

  10. Buster -- Thanks, and yeah, it's sad that all the little papers are folding. The letters to the editor are the best part, except maybe the police log. It's like COPS, but in writing.