Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another banner day

My buddy Perlson has outdone himself once again with another new banner graphic for the site, which went into the rotation yesterday:

Go Joe! Does anybody remember that there was a character from G.I. Joe named Snow Job? He was the Arctic trooper. Not to be confused with the desert trooper, Dry Hump.

Anyway, Perlson is blackmailing me, saying that he won't do any more banner graphics unless I put this one into the rotation:

I'm conflicted. On the one hand, that's a terrible picture of me thirty seconds after I woke up at Perlson's house a few weeks ago. On the other hand, that picture makes it look like I have way more hair than I actually do. At times like these, I ask myself: WWCCD? (What would Cobra Commander do?)


  1. Don't let Perlson blackmail you... I'm more than happy to come up with some graphics for you: Driving Miss Daisy, Forrest Gump, The Smurfs... that will be my project this weekend.

  2. That's funny...I just hit refresh 67 times and didn't see the bed head banner come up. I suggest you get that up there or your banners will be coming from a one-eyed flaming homosexual.

  3. I'm digging the new banners--and the bed head banner is really funny. It works. Keep it.

  4. Like the top banners. Better than Burma Shave's (of which I snagged one that seemed appropriate for you picture):

    In these days --- Of toil and sin --- Your head grows bald --- But not your chin --- Burma-Shave

  5. Jered Earl -- Let's see 'em, dude. I think there's about a 12% chance you'll actually follow through. And what the hell does the logo for Driving Miss Daisy look like? I bet it has teacups on it.

    Perlson -- OK, it's in the rotation now. You win. And by "win," I mean "get to keep making banner graphics that I get all the credit for."

    Chris -- It was your recommendation that tipped it for me. Thanks man. Finally, somebody whose opinion I can trust around here.

    Buster -- Ha! Unfortunately, it's all too appropriate.

  6. Okay, any specifics I need to stick to? DPI, pixel size? I'm not a nerdy computer geek who custom builds computers with dual operating systems. The chances for a follow-thru just increased to 20%.

  7. Jered Earl -- Word, man. 647 x 167 pixels. Otherwise, knock yourself up.

  8. A man can get himself pregnant? Either way love the bed head dude.