Thursday, February 05, 2009

It's Costa Rican Monkey Friday!

I'm starting a new regular feature on this blog, Costa Rican Monkey Friday.

Here's a Costa Rican monkey Kara and I happened across last year in that place. What was it called again? Oh yes, Costa Rica.

Man, that's a cute monkey. Unfortunately, this is the last installment of Costa Rican Monkey Friday, 'cause I'm out of pictures. We had a good run, though, didn't we?


  1. Now that is one monkey that knows who to chill out. He looks pretty comfortable

    I'll miss the Friday Monkey segment. It was fun while it lasted!

  2. Cute idea, cute monkey, cute while it lasted, but...............won't Memphis feel left out that there hasn't been an Empire State Canine Tuesday? She strikes me as a very sensitive gal.

  3. Sheri -- We don't get all that many monkeys in Poughkeepsie, but if I happen across any, I'll certainly snap a picture. But only if it's a Costa Rican monkey.

    Loon -- That's a fantastic idea. I shall pick up my pioneering work of posting pet pictures on the internet posthaste.

  4. Mike, you disappoint me... you say you're out of pictures, but yet you just started playing with pseudo-photoshop! The possibilities are endless!

  5. The Serge -- Dang, I hadn't thought about that. How's this - if you use Gimp to put a monkey on a motorcycle, we'll start the long-standing tradition back up again.