Monday, April 04, 2005

Scuba snacks

This week's Just Humor Me column has just gotten a promotion -- now it's next week's Just Humor Me column! Which leaves me with no semi-coherent ramblings to put out here today, except for the ones I'm coming up with just now.

This week is the first week that I'll be putting the web address for this site at the end of my print column. Does that make me sound cool to say, "my print column?" Of course, if you've read any of them, you know the horrible truth.

Anyway, in fairness to both of the people who read this column on actual paper, I'm going to start trailing the Recorder by a few days, instead of putting my stuff out here a few days early. You down? Word. I knew you would be.

In the meantime, check out this picture I took when Kara and I were visiting my sister Amy out in San Francisco last year:

Isn't that awesome? That's our pet shark, Snappy. He's fetching Scuba Steve for us. Good, Snappy. Yeth, you're good. Dood wittle Snappy.

If you have a friend that forwards you stuff like this (I'm looking at you, Iball), and you don't already know about, you should check it out. You can find good stuff on snopes, like, for instance, that this picture is a bunch of hooey.

Okay, that's my public service for the day. Next week, I'll be back on schedule with my usual pointlessness.

Here's a trailer -- In my next column, I'll finally reveal whether Data and Counselor Troi consummated their relationship on their romantic Holodeck cruise. Wait a minute, are we talking about my Star Trek fan fiction? Oh. Never mind then.


  1. Possible caption....."Decision to rescue open ketchup bottle from San Francisco Bay goes horribly wrong".

  2. Nice shot! I get lots of crap from friends that I also check out on They get a little irritated with me constantly debunking their latest find.

    BTW: looking forward to your next column. I find Data's dead-pan humor and intelligence alluring. He's sexy in a "android, follow my every instruction" kind of way. Thanks for the afternoon fantasy. Must be by myself now....

  3. methodology for debunking anything received on/from/in the vicinity of the Internet :

    1) It's false.

    example : this post.