Wednesday, April 13, 2005

¡Feliz Bueno Frickin' Picture Miercoles!

Here's another good frickin' picture from Jeff Hofer, who's back in Guatemala:

Seriously, I have no idea why National Geographic isn't beating down his puerta.

And yes, I am proud of myself for getting that upside-down exclamation point in there.


  1. Solo queria decirle que la palabra "Jueves" significa "Thursday" en ingles, no "Wednesday". La palabra para "Wednesday" es "miercoles". Tambien, la palabra para "Picture" es "foto".

    Pero, Que foto!
    (But what a photo!)



  2. Es muy fixed now, muchacho. Gracias para el pointing out of mi mistake. Mi cinco years de Spanish classes no helped mucho, eh?

  3. That'll teach ya for bein so smug about the ol' upside down exclamation mark!!!!

    What's la palabra para "Frickin'"???

  4. I didn't get to see it until Jueves anyway. And once, I dreamed that Thursday was now going to be called Billy Bob. Feliz Billy Bob, everyone.

  5. Your pics always make me smile. Especially that one of the guy with the great grin that I see in the comments section of every blog I read! Keep up the good work!

  6. OOOOH! Mikey and Shan up a tree .... ;-)


    O Homem descobriu as CORES e inventou a PINTURA,
    A Mulher descobriu a PINTURA e inventou a MAQUIAGEM.

    O Homem descobriu a PALAVRA e inventou a CONVERSA,
    A Mulher descobriu a CONVERSA e inventou a FOFOCA.

    O Homem descobriu o JOGO e inventou as CARTAS,
    A Mulher descobriu as CARTAS e inventou o TAROT.

    O Homem descobriu a AGRICULTURA e inventou a COMIDA,
    A Mulher descobriu a COMIDA e inventou a DIETA.

    O Homem descobriu os SENTIMENTOS e inventou o AMOR,
    A Mulher descobriu o AMOR e inventou o CASAMENTO.

    O Homem descobriu a MULHER e inventou o SEXO,
    A Mulher descobriu o SEXO e inventou a DOR DE CABEÇA.

    O Homem descobriu o COMÉRCIO e inventou o DINHEIRO,
    A Mulher descobriu o DINHEIRO e aí fudeu tudo ...

  8. Ummmmm....Thanks for sharing?

  9. Another nice pic, Mike... with the added advantage of miscellaneous portuguese comments about a man and a woman. You really never do know what the hell you'll get when you post, do ya?

    Hey, and thanks for the link...I'll try to limit the scandalous and scurrilous.

  10. Mikka -- Don't do that on my account! I just came to the realization that nobody actually came here from the regular column, because you can't click on paper. So by all means scurrily and scandal away.