Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Five o'clock shadow

Another Good Frickin’ Picture Wednesday shot, courtesy of Rob of the Broken Arse.

That's his girlfriend, Natalie. You might recognize her from her appearances on Scrubs and That Seventies Show. Yup, that explains why she looks so familiar. Now that I'm looking, is she that girl from the iPod commercial, too?

Oh yeah! See more of Rob's stuff here!

You know, Blogger just isn't doing this shot justice -- looks a little dark. But it's a frickin' good picture. If you check it out on Rob's site, you can see it better.


  1. If I squint my eyes real hard I can just about make out my cousin Earl in the distance. No, not him, the guy beside him. With the red shirt. Yeah that's the one.

  2. Ah, dancing on the sand.....

  3. Thank God for that link to his site! I thought old-age had already decided that I needed bi-focals and to puncuate every thought with... hmmmpph, kids today.

    Great shot. Boo Blogger.

  4. Y'all are freakin' funny.

    Jim -- cute pic, man. You know those kids?

    Kids today.

  5. Hey its actually a Girl and a beautiful one!! It intially looked like a scare crow to me from what blogger shows ;) .. Nice pic of the kids Jim..

  6. Ditto the beauty, prasha- and thanks. I might know 'em rabbit, I might. Mike- I'm calling it right now: you just might be the next Mitch Albom. Now, can I get a free subscription to the ConshyRECORDER? I was hoping to see your column online, but I couldn't find it (Rat farts!) I'm hoping that gushing sentiment will get me somewhere with this.....

  7. Jim,

    I couldn't even get myself a freakin' free subscription. You'd think the paper was printed on hammered silver, wouldn't you?

    I think I could be the next Mitch Albom, too, if everybody really squints and pretends that what I write actually makes any sense. Oh, and it would help if everyone drank a few margaritas, too.

    I had originally intended to get my column out on the Recorder website, but I started this blog when I realized that they don't always have the current week's stuff out there.

    The Recorder is a publication of the highest quality -- the website is not its top priority. Its top priority is delivering the finest journalism to Conshohockers everywhere. But mainly in Conshohocken.

  8. Finally...something I can do! Cheers 8-) Gawd, I love Margaritas!