Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ten days old

Evan's come a long way in the past week. He's breathing entirely on his own, gaining weight and starting to regulate his temperature without the incubator, though it'll still be a little while before he's out of his aquarium entirely. No more blue jaundice lights, no more CPAP tubes or cannulas in his nose, just a little feeding tube. He's looking great and we're ecstatic and relieved that his most recent days have been nowhere near as exciting as his first ones.

Behold the cuteness:

That blue knit cap and blanket he's sporting above were both hand-knitted by our friend Anna. How hard core is that? She knitted them. With her HANDS. Does he look like a badass in them or what?

Also, the dog would like me to remind you that she still exists.


  1. Adorable. Love the little yawn! Hope things stay nice and "boring" and on track for a healthy homecoming. :)

    Oh, and here's a lil' scritch-behind-the-ear for the dog.

  2. You guys have a dog? Oh yeah....that's right.

  3. Cute!!!

    Looks like he's swimming in that white garment you've got on him in the first pictures.

    And thanks for the shout-out on the blankie and hat! I did use knitting needles too ...

    Poor Memphis. Tell her to just hang on and be patient, soon she'll have a new play buddy around the house.

  4. WOW ... Evan is getting big. Glad to hear he is making progress and rocking that aquarium. I'm sure Memphis is getting lonely but he'll get over it as soon as he meets his new best friend.

  5. everything it's awesome!
    Too bad that you already forgot your PS3!

  6. "Badass" is the exact word that came to mind when I first saw Evan's picture! :) He is so adorable! Congratulations to you both! (And my condolences to the dog.)

  7. mike - evan is like coming to life before your eyes, and our eyes. this is so cool. he is a little baby person. i am excited for you 2.
    ramiro -

  8. Holy Smokes, Mike! Just browsing by and WOW! what news. Congrats to you, Kara and Memphis and thank God everyone is doing fine. He'll be outta NICK U in no time.

    All the best-