Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I wrote 25% of a book

A few months ago, Jim Harris, one of the esteemed humor columnists from the Chestnut Hill Local, devised a plan for some of that paper's columnists to band together to publish a book of their best humor columns. Through a clerical error, I was invited to join them.

Earlier today, the fruit of our labor, Local Humor, was born. Or printed, if you don't want to get all anthropomorphic about it.

Here's the description from Amazon.com:

Chestnut Hill Local columnists Mike Todd, Janet Gilmore, Hugh Gilmore, and Jim Harris have not only survived in the troubled and struggling newspaper business, they have amassed a devoted following of fans who shower them with lavish presents like scrapple, bowling balls, and money from Nigerian bank accounts. Until recently, their columns were available only to the readers of the Local, but now you, too, can "LOL" as:

  • Hugh warns of the "Enemies of Reading"
  • Janet remembers old friends, old flames and ex-coworkers
  • Mike deals with wrens, ferrets, and a pregnant wife in his house
  • Jim dispenses dubious advice and rails against the system

They each have their own style and shtick, but they share a love of language and an innate ability to find the humor in everyday life. Not since Ben Franklin dined alone at the Mermaid Inn has Chestnut Hill seen such a concentration of comedic talent. Here, from among their hundreds of articles, hand-picked by a rigorous process of "One potato, two potato," is a rollicking roundup of mirthful monologues for your gracious consideration.

So even though I give the milk away for free here on this blog, please don't let that stop you if you feel like maybe it would be AWESOME to buy the cow. By which I mean the cow that is for sale at Amazon.com. With the title Local Humor.

It looks like Amazon has four copies available right now -- that should cover me, my mom, my sister and me again. I can't wait to take advantage of the free Super Saver shipping for which the book Local Humor is eligible!

And yes, the recent birth of our son was just a publicity stunt to drive book sales.


  1. Wrens, Ferrets, a new walkway, AND a new baby son? Memphis is going to need a weekend at the spa, at this rate!

  2. Wow, Mike. Congratulations once again. Quite impressive...clicking on "Mike Todd (author)" brings up literary classics, such as:
    "Alaska Housing Manual"
    "Automatic transport ventilator versus bag valve in the EMS setting: a prospective, randomized trial"
    "A Catskill Woodsman: Mike Todd's Story"
    I can't wait to collect the whole set.

  3. So uh... people that are local... anyone want to get in on an order? 3 copies means free shipping :)

    ... plus Evan needs to eat!

  4. Emily -- I can tape some cardboard around your copy if you like.

    Loon -- Ha, she'll probably be looking for more than a weekend.

    Rich -- I actually bought that Catskill Woodsman book a few years ago and never read it. It sounded like more fun to have that book than it actually turned out to be. Let me know what you think of Alaska Housing Manual - I never saw that ending coming.

    Sergey -- Local VIPs can hit up my private stash. Otherwise, we're going to lose a closet to storing crates of Local Humor.

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  6. I caved in and bought it 10 minutes after the post but on the condition that it will be signed by one of the authors : )