Sunday, June 21, 2009

No column this week

Dang if my schedule didn't get a little thrown off last week. For the first time since February 2005, when this column started, I missed one. That's what happens when your preemie comes on a deadline day.

I've already got one in the can for next week, though. It's about cats. No, wait, it might be about babies. One baby in particular, actually.


  1. It's hard to tell who is happier on those pictures!!!

  2. And the excuses begin... this is what happens to married folks once they have kids. Then again, you go at the columns week in and week out. Perhaps you should treat column-writing like TV seasons and take summers off (as well as a few weeks in December/January).

  3. Jon -- Thanks, man. We're all pretty stoked.

    Jered Earl -- Ha, yeah, that sounds nice. My original idea was for a monthly column. This weekly stuff is for the birds. Maybe I'll pare it down to like one Halloween column and one Flag Day column.