Wednesday, October 12, 2005

No, no. I said CLIFF diving.

Here's the cliff Kara and I jumped off of in New Zealand. Do you see us up there?

Dude, if you looked, you're freakin' crazy. No way in hell.


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  2. Ok, I'll admit it. You got me on that one. I'm thinking, "No friggin way I'd go up there!" and, yet, there I was, nose pressed up against the monitor screen looking for ya...

    What I sucker I am at 10:30 at night...

    Great pic! Why jump off of such natural beauty? Seems like a terrible waste of nature...


    *edited because I apparently can't spell my name at this hour, either...*

  3. Obviousely Drunk and Delusional!!! Beautiful Pic.

  4. LOL! I was thinking, "No! They did NOT!"

  5. I was thinking - "Holy shit - Mike must have some huge ka-hoonas to do that" and then WHAM! sucka! I fell for it. I was looking for you.

    Yeah I'm lame like that.

  6. Just wanted to say a quick hello and tell you that I find your blog hilarious. I linked here from another cyber friend's blog. Will be back.


  7. Dude, I've never been to your site before but it's pretty cool - I have a short attention span so I like just reading your blog titles and looking at the pretty pictures.

    Now, instead of using Webshots to get my computer wallpaper I simply will stop by your blog every Wednesday and freshen up my office computer desktop.

  8. Y'all are funny comment-leavers. Kerry -- you obviously rule. Thanks.

    Chunks (Jered) -- Dude, did you forget to take your pills today? Now I have to go leave a nonsensical comment on your blog.