Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My eyes are up here, Buddy

Here's another Jeff Hofer pic from Guatemala:

No word yet on whether the feet on the left are or are not gellin'.


  1. Good freakin' picture Thursday dude! hah... I see you posted before the deadline, so I can't complain.

    I think he IS gellin'... like Magellan! It's obvious because the 12 year old girl to his left is his girlfriend - and only someone who's gellin' could work magic like that!

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  3. Jered, feel free to spam me anytime. I promise to check it out.

  4. Talk about putting your best foot forward...

    Not much of a gag I know, but I just wanted an excuse to do my word verification thingy again.

    Today's word is...

    gsmocnb [guh-SMOC-nuh-buh]

    The Ukranian who won the gold medal for the shot put in the last Olympics? you could say that for most of em actually...

  5. Haha -- your comments definitely kick the crap out my jibberish.