Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tetanus shot waiting to happen

This week's Good Frickin' Picture is from my good friend Bill Mason, whom I've never met or had any correspondence with. But I'm sure he's a great guy. My buddy Chunks sent Bill's good frickin' pic my way.

If you ever invent a rocket that launches off the side of a grain silo, this is what your view would look like just before take-off.


  1. Cool pic, Mike.

    I'm also currently heavily medicated, making it impossible to come up with Rorshach Test meanings that won't get me jailed.

  2. I get dizzy just looking at that pic!

  3. I love shots like this. Something you wouldn't normally consider art, comes out looking...well...looking like that. Very cool.

  4. Another cool thing is how you can view a shot like this so many different ways. One neat thing I like to do is look at a picture like this through squinted eyelids almost fully closed (this might be easier for some of our commenters.) Squinting removes much of the color you see and focuses your attention on shapes rather than details.

  5. taking a hike6/03/2005 10:40 AM

    Reading his columns with your eyes closed works out nicely, too.

  6. I hope Bill Mason checks this out sometime and sees that y'all dug his pic. I tried rotating it so the ladder was at the bottom -- but it looked better how he had it. Word up, Bill. Nice shot.

    Thanks for leaving comments, all. Very much appreciated.

    Taking a hike, shouldn't you be baking me some cookies?

  7. baked from scratching6/03/2005 4:14 PM

    Mrs. taking a hike already baked you some cookies. They're spread out over the lawn where you can't see them because the grass is so freakin' high.