Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Muy frickin’ colorful foto

Here’s another Good Frickin’ Jeff Hofer pic from Guatemala:

Seriously, National Geographic, you’re dropping the ball here. Give this mofo a job.

On a related note, I’d like to share with you some bits of an email thread that my buddies had going recently regarding Hofer’s health problems in Guatemala.

Johnny: hofer, gimmie a call dude.......i need to see how your parasite is.
Rob: Yeah hofer is it like a little pet, can you feed it and watch it
squirm around under your skin on your arm? Lets plan a trip to Rio De Janero- or some [Shatner] like that??
Johnny: I'm telling you guys........south america is where its at.
Hofer: Where did y'all get the parasite thing from? It was just alot of bacteria and fungus but after [bleeping] out my [blorp] for a few days, a [Shatner] test, and some medicine now I'm ok.
Me: Hey, How come everyone knew about Hofer's amoebas but me? I feel so left out.
Gimp: [Hofer’s Mom] told me "Jeffery got an amoeba in Guatemala". That's what I heard.
Hofer: The woman is [bleeping] crazy.
Johnny: THEY ALL ARE BRO....


  1. Wh-Ow.. that's some funny [Shatner]= all those e-mails.
    I laughed and laughed in my butt too. Jolly good my friend.
    Ahhhhh- Nice Friggin Photo-

  2. You know, maybe you have to know Hofer to really appreciate his parasites.

  3. Nice picture. Very colorful. It would make for a very challenging jigsaw puzzle.

  4. i would work it if that was a puzzle.....

  5. The newest craze to hit the kid's bookstore, "Where's Loupa?"

    So much better then Waldo cause he was only red and white!

  6. That would be a cool puzzle. I'm terrible at those things.

    Randi, work that puzzle, girl. You work it.

    Chunks, what about "Where's Jered?" That would be too easy, though, 'cause you'd always find him at The Manhole.

  7. Dude... for being straight you sure know gay bar names well! When you were in San Fran, did you wander off while the wife was shopping?

  8. No way, man. I spent all my time there in a straight bar called The Cockpit. The guys there were very nice.

  9. That's a nice picture.... Having a lot of bacteria and fungus problems doesn't sound like it would be much better than a parasite.

  10. I was about to tell you a story I heard about this guy who lured a tapeworm out with sour milk... but then I read the little exchange of words between you and Jared... and forgot what I was going to say. :)