Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The path frickin' taken

Here's another New Zealand shot from a mountain that Kara and I accidentally climbed:

We thought this hike looked liked we'd knock it out in about two hours. Seven hours later, we stumbled back into the parking lot. I wouldn't have thought that you could have fit that many sheep and switchbacks onto one mountain. Not that the sheep slowed us down all that much. They're more like woolly, tasty speed bumps.

Anyway, we stepped in enough crap on that day to fertilize Iowa.


  1. Wow, New Zealand... that kicks a donkeys ass. I'd love to go there. Even if I had to climb a sheep-infested mountain to get there.

    New Zealand, where the men are men and the sheep are scared.

    Why you went there?

  2. Gorgeous pic! I would love to visit Australia and New Zealand. I the end I am sure the hike was worth it.

  3. A switchback is when a nun gets her disciplinarian tool taken away and has to say "HEY, gimme that switchback"

  4. Devo -- Allow me to answer through free association: We were on our honeymoon, Dog. Moondog. Gidget. Sally Fields. Mrs. Field's cookies. Sex. Sex?

    Jen -- Thanks, dude. Yes, the hike was most definitely worth it. It was gorgeous, and one of my fondest memories. I just really enjoy whining.

    Master --

    So glad you asked! I'll draw a switchback with my mad ASCII art skills (for the record, this would have looked a lot better if Blogger didn't remove blank spaces automatically -- that's why all the dumb `'s are in there):

    ``````````````/\<--top of mountain
    ```````````/`*@**`\ <--mountain
    ``````me->``/|\```/o|o\ <--Kara
    |``/___| __\_``<--Pimped-out
    |`(o)``|``(o):````rental car

    ```````````````` ____O <-- sheep
    ```more poo-->@ /\``/\

  5. Well, the spacing's still a little F'ed. Perhaps it would have been easier to say that a switchback is when the trail zigzags.

    Also, Kara would like me to make sure everyone knows that she does not, as my art suggests, have an apostrophe between her legs.

  6. LOL - nice art skills, especially of you and Kara. Thanks for making it crystal clear for us. You and jered are both so funny! I always enjoy reading your posts.
    Oh, and I hope you were nice to the sheep :|

  7. Now THAT's a good frickin picture. Personally, I hate any sweating that doesn't directly result in orgasm. But that's just me...

  8. Mike, if you need to point out that Kara does not, in fact, have an apostrophe between her legs... does that imply that you DO? You don't necessarily need to answer that, actually.

    I never really liked Sally Fields. Was she in anything good?

  9. What big knockers you gave Kara... although more appropriately, you should have used capital 'O's or the number Zero to recreate as accurately as possible. Using an apostophe for your unit was right in line.

    For me, I would be a little different:


  10. ....O

    Dang it... I can't get them to line up

  11. Hahaha -- funny comments. I'd use some of the LOL or ROTFL or LMFAO lingo to describe my real-life laughter, but sometimes I feel lame doing that. So please forgive me for just typing out that I laughed.

    Also, sorry for the confusion with the ASCII art.

    Let's try it again...





  12. Seriously, LMAO! You may not use the lingo, but I can't find anything else that describes what I'm doing better!

  13. Ha! Okay, okay, lol. Sometimes that's just the only way to do it. My buddy and I invented STS -- Snicker to Self -- but now that I think about it, there's a good chance that that's even lamer.

  14. While I enjoyed the photo and the description of how you go to the top. And... I know what a switchback is....
    I laughed my ass of when I read the comments. That little bit of art.... wow. Well done.
    And then your little art depiction of Jared.... damn funny!!!!

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