Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You've come a long way, Baby

June 15, 2009
Evan Edward Todd
4 lbs, 1 oz

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June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little Man


  1. Beautiful pictures! I hope he had a happy birthday. Any messy first cake pictures?

  2. What can you say except awwwwww.
    Happy Birthday Evan!

    -- Smitha

  3. So so so SO cute. LOOK at that smile! Happy Birthday, E-Dawg! Loads of love, Aunt Amy & Aunt Jaime

  4. Aw, Happy Birthday little Evan! I love the May 7th picture!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Evan! They grow so fast. Can you believe he's already one? It's crazy.

  6. hi
    just stumbled across your blog and just had to leave a comment on your post regarding your son - i was so happy to see the progression he's made
    well done everyone - and happy birthday kid.

  7. Dude....not to be a jerk, but my first year recap was so much better


  8. You dudes rock! Thanks for the kind words. Evan will be smashing a cupcake or two over the weekend - I expect it'll get better coverage than the World Cup.

    Perlson, you're not a jerk at all. And your son is extremely cute, considering.

  9. Happy Belated birthday to the little dude! He really has come a LONG way!

  10. Oh wow - pictures I haven't seen. What a doll. Evan is definitely gonna be de man...

  11. Happy 1st Birthday, Evan, and may God bless you with as much good health, peace, and happiness as you've enjoyed in this past year for all your years. Now.......let the cupcake-smashing commence, Lil' Dude!

    P.S. If we readers can't believe how quickly the past year has flown, then to Kara and yourself it must seem like only a nano-second.

  12. Thanks dudes! Evan had a grand time at his first birthday party. We're still getting the frosting out of his ears.

  13. Wow! Happy Birthday to Evan; he looks like you are doing an amazing job :)

    ~ Dody