Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Mills Mansion

Last weekend, we ventured with some friends (holler, Claytons) out to one of my favorite places in the universe, Mills Mansion (holy cow, that's a bad website), which has for some reason recently been rebranded Staatsburgh State Historic Site. Whatever you call it, the park has a beautiful trail that runs right along the Hudson River, with views of a lighthouse, the Catskills, rocky cliffs and various floating things of natural and unnatural origins.

A few pictures from the day:



You goin' my way, ladies?

Nothing says "outdoors" like GORP (Good Ol' Root-vegetable Puree)

All wilderness should come furnished

Pssst. Hey, buddy. Help me out of this bag? Look what they're doing to me in here.

Yeah, I got a binky. What of it?

A nautical metaphor for what it's like to hike with a baby on your back

It's hard work being a sack of potatoes

Scene from "Narcoleptic Houdini"


  1. Man, I wish I could meet the little guy! It's been a year and I still haven't had the chance. Moving to Dallas has made everything so difficult.

    Any chances you'll take a weekend trip to Chadds Ford the weekend of July 16th? I'll be in Philadelphia.

  2. Jered Earl! Haven't you had your fun in Texas already? Time to move back. Seriously. We'll chat about catching up -- it's high time you got introduced to the little dude.