Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who's the man with the walkway plan?

After two weeks of backbreaking manual labor, I finished putting down our new walkway about three hours before guests started showing up for Kara's baby shower. Here's (the only?) photographic evidence that I've done something manly in my life:


The Flagstones of Death (the final obstacle before the Rodents of Unusual Size):

Owning a wheelbarrow: +1 man points. Filling it with dirt: +2

The aforementioned dirt flume:

Casting the first stones:

Kara helping:

Memphis helping:

My PlayStation 3 yearns for attention:

All the ingredients for a trip to the emergency room:

Thirty-seven blisters later:

The pregnant lady approves:

Celebrating my retirement from ever touching another walkway stone with anything but my feet:


  1. wow!! Can I just say that I thoroughly impressed with your manliness? That sure is a beautiful walkway and I have shown the pictures to Gary and said "Don't you want to be like Mike?" and he said he just can't compete with that.

  2. Your Old Friend Perlson5/27/2009 2:21 PM

    You are a man. I couldn't do that if my life depended on it......but can you beat me in Galaga? You see, Mike, in the real world, your skills mean nothing.

  3. Perlson again5/27/2009 2:22 PM

    In all seriousness....how much for you to come over to my house and do make us a new walkway? I'll buy pizza and beer.

  4. Sheri -- Thanks, dude! And don't sandbag - I remember the pictures of you and Gary doing some pretty handy work up there. I'm only good with rocks, like a Flintstone.

    Perlson -- I'm retired, man. But if you throw some pepperoni on there, we'll talk. And I'll never mess with your Galaga skills. When the aliens invade in circley formations, I'm coming over to your house.

  5. That looks fantastic! Congratulations and may you all enjoy many years of safe walks to your front door!

  6. R.U.S.'s.? I don't believe they exist.

  7. Loon -- Thanks! I'm honestly surprised I still have all my digits and genitals after that project. ALL of them. Wait, one sec. Yeah, I was right. All of them.

    Joe Brown -- I used to have one as a pet. We got him at the Fire Swamp. Or was it Petco?

  8. Very well done, sir. I cant wait to come see it someday, if i ever get an invite.

    oh wait, ive had a bunch already haven't i?

  9. AWESOME JOB! Seriously. I am so impressed. :)

  10. Dude, I figured I should stop by the blog to see the photos because even though you said you would email some shots to me - I knew you never would. As soon as I move 900 miles away, you remove me from your cell phone and email database.

    I would have been proud to cut a few stones on this walkway - it turned out even better than your first and second projects at the old place.