Tuesday, May 05, 2009

If an award falls in the forest…

Last year, my editor at the late Conshohocken Recorder wrote to tell me that they couldn’t pay to enter my column into the Keystone Press Awards anymore. That was a pretty good indication that the paper wasn’t long for this world. The entry fee was $7.00.

So I filled out the entry form and sent it in myself. Months went by and the time for announcing the winners passed, so I didn't think anything more about it, figuring that my seven Washingtons would have been better spent on a roast chicken club combo at Arby's.

Last Friday, I thought of it and ventured out to the PA Newspaper Association website to see who beat me out.

Turns out, I won and nobody told me. I hope I didn't miss the parade.

Sure, I probably benefitted from the fact that only me and like two other dudes ponied up the seven bones, but the important thing is that I got my name on a PDF. A PDF! Can I find a way to mention that this is the third time in four years that I've won this award without sounding like a complete douchebag? Perhaps not.

In any case, a roast chicken club sandwich sounds really good right now.


  1. Congratulations! Be sure to add the year to the right hand side :)

  2. Things we learnt:
    1) Some awards make sense
    2) We Are Not Alone
    3) Todd-lers can be modest

    What we did not learn - who was the varmint who bribed the jury the other year? (sharpens large knife)


  3. Congrats! Maybe the employees at Arby's can sing you a congratulatory song or give you extra curly fries. Too bad they didn't have any to give an award to for investigative reporting. Emily is right - you need to add another year to your ribbon on the right :o)

  4. Congratulations! This is quite a year, already.....a baby on the way AND winning such a prestigious award is surely worth 2 subs at Arby's!

    P.S. That second sub is for Memphis, so she doesn't feel left out & eat your sofa.

  5. My congratulations to you, old friend. It's been a while. Perhaps you should spend your $7 on a phone call to your old buddy Perlson.

  6. I knew you'd become someone BIG in this world. Congrats.

  7. Yo homepeople -- Thanks for all the kind words. They're very much appreciated. I just got back online after a couple days away, so I probably won't respond individually here since nobody's ever going to read this comment anyway.

  8. I read it!

    ... and I think Perlson should make a masthead with all of your ribbons on it! :)