Thursday, July 31, 2008


Last week, after I posted the only angry letter to the editor I've ever received, an astute reader, whom we'll call "my mom," asked why I've never posted any of the nice ones I've gotten. I guess I was hoping someone would start a Mike Todd shrine and do that kind of stuff for me. Until I attract a stalker with some HTML skills, I suppose the dirty work is left to me:


Thanks to the astute reader whom we'll call "my dad" for scanning this and sending it to me.

This time I won't redact the letter writer's name. I hope Dick Goldberg of Chestnut Hill Googles himself and ends up here so that he can read what a cool dude I think he is. Dick, this is a little late in coming, but you're a cool dude. Thanks for being awesome.


  1. Hey... around our supper table you ARE the man. We talk about you and your columns and love them. I'm a Mike Todd fan to the core.

  2. Your are very talented: funny and you do "get it", so Dick is correct. Plus, I LOVE the fact that he can drop "wisenheimer" so casually. That's a talent in its own right.

  3. Sheri and Chris -- Are you guys wisenheimering me? Ha. Y'all rock and any fandom is completely mutual.