Thursday, September 13, 2007

Support Janelle of the Commas!

Dudes -- Janelle (reader(s) of this page will remember her for her grammatical smackdown skills) had a frickin' good idea to create daily story cards for her kids. Each day, the little anklebiters got another card in their lunch to move the story along. It became so popular with the kids in the lunchroom that she had the idea to print up the cards and create a website for them. Check it out at if you have kids or if your own Knight Rider lunchbox is missing that little something special. Much respect to Janelle for the follow-through on a cool idea -- I'll keep a link in the sidebar. Word.


  1. Wow, I never thought I'd see the day when this blog would sell out to advertisers.

  2. I like that: reader(s) of this page.

    Made me smile even with the fear of being corrected for using a colon when a semi-colon or even a pedestrian comma might have sufficed. In fact, maybe I should have went with a period and developed two separate sentences.

    Anyway, good luck Janelle.

    Mike, liked the mower story below. I live next to a lawnmower repair man. He gets broken down movers, fixes them up and resells them to unsuspecting bargin hunters. Mine(the one I got from him)? No brakes - I just take slow, wide circles around everything.

  3. Mike- Don't spend all the money I paid you for the 'ad' in one place. Of course, how much candy will begging, pleading and whining buy you these days? Thanks for linking me and the generous post.

    Busterp-Thank you for the well wishes. :) I'm not at all the punctuation police, I just had fun pretending to know something that day. And do you know, EVERYtime I see your name I first read it as "byoo-sterp"? Yeah, I'm just that bright. Still, you always make me laugh. Thanks!

  4. Anon -- Your comment reminds me, have you tried a Ballpark frank lately? Those bastards really plump when you cook 'em.

    Buster -- Dang, you really don't need brakes? I'll go see if Don can put that axle back together.

    Janelle -- You don't need to thank me, really. The briefcase full of unmarked bills was thanks enough.

  5. Janelle: I see what you mean with the pronunciation. Buster was taken so I added a "p". Think of boobs or broken.

    I for years mispronounced "misled" as my-seld and "Penelope" as pen-a-lope.

    I'm in good company though - NPR's This American Life actually had a bit about how many people also mispronounced "misled". Someday I'll do a blog post about it.

    Mike - only this weekend I ran into a bench parking the mower in the garage (because of no brakes). I think I do need them. Ha.

  6. Busterp-Now I will forever think of boobs when I think of you. Which is exactly what I should be stating while trying to promote a children's product.

    It was a long time before I stopped reading 'indicted' as 'en-dik-ted' and I got laughed at in bible study for saying we 'rape' what we sow. Honest mistakes,though this entire item makes me appear to be one big old potty brain.

    Do you remember SNL/Eddie Murphy and Nut-Rit-Ion?

    Mike! I've taken over your blog! You must have your spidey sense turned off (that reference cracked me up).

    Okay. I really need to stop writing now.

  7. Dudes, the blog is in better hands when y'all are taking care of it. And Buster, the thing about the bench really makes me feel better. Thanks.