Thursday, September 20, 2007

Serendipity ain't just a movie my wife hates

About a month ago, somebody littered a sauna in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, with a paper that runs my column. An editor from the Chestnut Hill Local came in to catch a steam and, due to the disorienting effects of the heat and the foggy conditions that made it difficult to actually read the words on the page, he liked what he saw. They've run a few of my columns so far, but this one is by far the coolest (it has pictures and what not):

So thank you, inconsiderate litterbug at LA Fitness. And the Chesnut Hill Local folks, of course. You guys are cool on purpose.


  1. I called and talked to Mike Royko once at the Sun Times(I presume you heard of him) and shared a elevator with Bryant Gumbel's brother Greg when he was working in Chicago for NBC (did you know Greg is older? I didn't).

    Also I had a comment published in Richard Roeper's Sun Times column but now I have to move Mike Todd to the top of the list of my brushes with someone famous. Well done!

    Nice picture - one of you is lucky.

  2. Congratulations on such a fine article! Can I still hobnob with you now that you are famous?

  3. That's too cool. Isn't it always on the off chance that something happens? Like MB20 (I love them, sue me) would have been obsolete had that one dj not flipped to the B side. Oh, but this is about you. Good work! As my 6 y.o. girl would say, "You're a stah!"

  4. Dudes -- Meant to say this earlier, but thanks so much. Y'all have kept me goin'. Just don't expect any free autographs.

  5. Nice job, Mike! Since I haven't been lucky enough to ever visit Pennsylvania, my only brush with fame would have to be standing next to - and forgetting to even touch- the Stanley Cup. Even if Howard Jones would have shown up to the backstage party (boy, the 80s WERE rough) I would still give the not to the cup. Hope PSU turns things around, I was really hoping they'd beat Michigan.