Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Take only pictures, leave only beer bottles

Here are some shots from a hike my sister Amy and I took last weekend at one of the coolest places in the universe: Sam's Point, a nature preserve at the southern end of the Shawangunk Ridge near Ellenville, NY.

Looking at this creek flowing through the woods and over the edge of the cliff last Saturday, I couldn't help but wonder, "Am I missing any good Law and Order reruns right now?" What a stupid thing to think. Of course I was. Probably one where Lenny had to chase a dude.

Here's some natural Jenga:

Here's a shot from the money spot overlooking Verglockenspiel Verdonkadonk Verkeerderkill Falls:

And my sister Amy chillin' on Wile E. Coyote Rock:

Remember, if you like nature, you have to drink water directly out of a big blue straw attached to your shoulder. Water bottles are so 1997.

Here's a look back at the Scha-winnnnngunk Ridge. Party on.

Sam's Point is a preserve for endangered dwarf pines. They're endangered because poachers prize them for their needles, which can be mashed into a tea that totally settles one's tum-tum. Actually, I have no idea why they're endangered, but you may recognize the famous Seven Dwarf Pines in this picture (from left to right): Needly, Piney, Pokey, Coney, Sticky, Sappy and Doc.

That's all I got. Have a great weekend, homeperson.


  1. Nice pictures. And your stick has graduated to a tree name. I heard Disney made sure every movie of his had a clip of a teapot hidden in it. I'll be watching your posts for sticky references.

  2. I had alot of snark planned out for a comment, but then I seen the pics of the waterfall. I love waterfalls, they calm the snark beast in me. hehehehee

  3. That place looks familiar...

  4. I'm kicking myself in the smog-laden ass for living in L.A. right now. Ugh. Nice pics.

  5. Buster -- And the tiger in Aladdin told teenagers to take off their clothes. We'll see if we can get Sticky to behave.

    Melodyann -- Aren't we so with it?

    Burf -- All it took was a waterfall? I would have thought at least a healthy tranquilizer dart.

    Jered -- You should post that shot of you standing in the middle of that frickin' waterfall. That's one of the many reasons I'm amazed you're not dead.

    Slackstress -- Don't worry about it. We get a D or an F every year for air quality. And no In-N-Out Burger.