Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sticking it

**UPDATE 4/23/07** The First Annual Pic-of-a-Stick Off is off to a rather slow start. I hope that's not too terribly disappointing. Post hate comments at Jered's I'm Actually 30 blog.

Here's a shot my wife comma Kara took two weeks ago, about halfway up Mt. Stissing in Pine Plains, NY. I think this shot is especially relevant because it answers the question, once and for all:

What's icy and brown and sticky all over?

This stick! It's the stickiest. How come I'm the only one who thinks the brown and sticky joke is funny? Oh, that's right. The terrible sense of humor.

And here's our buddy Chunks taking a picture of the same frickin' stick:

Chunks, how'd that shot come out? Send it to me and I'll post it. You and K-Dog can have a Pic-of-a-Stick Off. Or you can post it on your blog, the one where you pretend you're still 28. Let's see what you got. Bring the stick! Loser has to wash the winner's blog for a week.

Also, what's red and sticky? That bloody stick again. Woo hoo! That joke might play better in England, 'cause they say "bloody" all the time over there, usually while throwing scones at wickets and watching Coldplay videos.

And I think we all know what's red and sitting on the head of the dude who's about to lose a stick picture competition.


  1. Hey, hey, hey - that's my pal J you're talking about there. Clue me in... why do you call him Chunks? and what is this.... he's not really 28?!?

    Lovely sticky ice picture.

  2. That's the dog's bollocks. Bloody bugger is talking a load of codswallop.


  3. Here's how dumb I am:
    I looked at that picture and thought, "Why is it sticky? That looks like ice. Or maybe it's slime... but wait, that would be slimy..."

    Ok, eventually I got it. And because I got it, I laughed and laughed.....

  4. I'm thinking you feel and hit your head on that hike. lmao

  5. son of a goat. I mean fell not feel. fuck I should proof read. lmao

  6. Sheri -- Jered barfed on several people the first night I met him at school. Hence the name Chunks. Also gives the term "blowing chunks" a whole new meaning. Oh, and have you noticed that he's been talking about "Life at Twenty Eight" for two years now?

    Buster -- I used all my British lingo already. Dang it.

    melodyann -- You're the second person to ever laugh at that joke, right behind me. Rock on.

    Burf -- Your comments made my day. My head is feeling much better now, thank you.

  7. Talk the talk, mo-fo! I posted my picture now that I'm back in town. I would have done it earlier but I was in Chicago Friday thru Sunday and then Dallas yesterday.

    And regarding my age - I'm not the one turning 30 this year old man! I've got a prescription of Propecia wrapped for that special day.