Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bad Frickin' Ferret Wednesday

Here's the wild Guatemalan ferret that Jeff Hofer sent me a while back:

Sure, he looks cute here, but you'd get a much more accurate idea of what life with a ferret is like if this was a scratch-n-sniff picture. So here's to The Mighty Destroyer of Couches, Chewer of Purses and Poop-Onner of Carpets.


  1. whatever you do, don't give him water.

    love that Kate Beringer... (and I still love that handicap access ion for comments)

  2. he's adorable..... although I see a definite mischevious glint in the ferret eye

  3. Awwwww that is so freak'n cute. I've been thinking of using that method to ship my kids to their grandparents for summer vacation.

    BTW: they also chew up the furniture and poop on the carpet.

  4. An ex of mine had a ferret (who I was given the honor of naming Stella) & her talent was taking poops all around the baseboards of their apartment immediately upon being released from her cage.

    They were also awoken in the middle of the night to a maintenance man knocking at their door, holding Stella, with a curt, "I believe this belongs to you." She had apparently crawled out the hole for the dryer vent & found her way into a non-ferret-loving neighbor's apartment who utterly freaked out. Hilarious...