Wednesday, May 17, 2006

And Betty, you can call me barb

Here's another Good Frickin' picture that Jeff Hofer took in Guatemala:

Psyche! He took this one in El Salvador. I just totally punk'd you.


  1. Mexican border comes to mind too.

    Bloglines included your first three failed attempts to post this picture. They won't show up to everyone so here they are:

    "I hate the internet."

    "Post my pictures dammit."

    "I surrender. The internet can kiss my entire ass."


  2. This is a Familiar Freakin' Picture... I think I saw it before. In Hofer's collection I think at Beerfest. It's good of course...

  3. Dang, Buster. I didn't know y'all could see that! There were about 30 more that didn't make the Bloglines cut.

    Jered Earl -- The rest of the internet hadn't seen it yet. You're 'bout to get a Familiar Frickin' boot in your ass.