Friday, December 16, 2005

Eventual Frickin' Picture Friday

Here's a waterfall that doesn't touch the ground:

This would be a good place to fly a kite, 'cause there aren't any power lines. Oh, and also, it's windy.


  1. You have some mighty strange pictures. Hmmmmm... a waterfall that doesn't touch the ground.... interesting. Just don't fly a kite with your back to the edge.... it looks like quite a drop.

  2. Jim -- You got it, man! Milford Sound in New Zealand.

    Sheri -- that is some Sound advice. OK, after that pun, my blog doesn't deserve to be on the internet anymore.

  3. I'm so confused. If it doesn't touch the ground, what does it do? Does it evaporate in mid fall?

  4. Dude, the wind was blowing so hard there that the water just sorta turned into mist and went back up into the trees up 'er. I doubt that would impress an X-Man very much, though.