Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Say "topless" a lot

Here's a Good Frickin' pic my Mom took in the Gobi Desert. Wait, no, this is Cape Cod:

Also, my little stalker-tracker tells me what search terms people have used to accidentally land on good ol' Just Humor Me (I'm guessing most of these people are sorely disappointed by what they find here). Here are some of my faves:

pictures of my neighbor
froot loops
tetanus shot
friends with benefits humor
how to keep a red-eared slidder turtle
topless -fee
caught topless
bad things at mervyns stores
fruit loops different flavors
going topless
Honeydipper Dan
ride a moose photo
septic tank bugs larva
amoebas + pink eye
playstation 17
rio de janero plastic surgery
women topless in a jeep


  1. That reminds me - as I got older and heavier, I found that when faced with a bunk bed I tend to sleep on the bottom more and the topless.

    Oops, forgot the space bar there.

    Oh, well.

    More hits for Mikey.

  2. Drats - you found me out! I was searching for a photo of my neighbor riding a moose, topless while getting a tetnus shot. Damn it!

  3. Runs through your comments section topless!

  4. Nice pic. That's where I'll be in just a few more hours. Can't wait, even though it's probably going to rain most of the weekend . . .

  5. what do you use to check out the search stuff?

  6. Randi -- check out It's pretty tight. And by tight I mean cool. And by cool I mean good.