Monday, February 25, 2013

San Fran-pic-so

I didn't have time to write a column for this week.  We were too busy whooping it up in San Francisco with my sister Amy, her wife Jaime and their awesome new daughter, Anjali.  I realize posting pictures from this trip might be redundant, since my mom has already seen them, but I'll put them out here anyway, just in case the Russian comment-spammers who visit this blog want to see some cute kids.


  1. Can't vouch for the Russians, but we 'uns here in WV love new baby pics. What a doll!
    P.S. Where can I get one of those bear (or is it a beaver?) hats?

    1. Hey, there's no link to a site for herbal Viagra at the end of your comment, Marcia. Wait, that's a real comment, isn't it? Woo-hoo! Thanks, Marcia -- I really appreciate that you haven't given up on me yet. And I was thinking Children's Place on the beaver hat, but Kara reminded me it was from Gymboree. They should definitely make them for adults, too. Maybe they'll open a Gymboree Old People someday. Like Gap Kids in reverse.

  2. Awesome pics from up north. Looks like you got some cool weather, it was in the 80s down here in LA over the weekend. Hey I just noticed that Evan's got a cool ass hipster haircut. At lease in that picture with the cat he does, it's like the "high & tight" Amy's baby is a Q.T. pie.