Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Mt. Alander

Two Saturdays ago, I sent out an invitation to about ten dudes to see if anyone wanted to come hiking with me and the Little Man to Mt. Alander while Kara was off gallivanting about New York City on a girls' weekend. Turns out, trudging through the woods all day with me and a fifteen-month-old isn't nearly the draw I thought it would be. Mercifully, one dude took me up on it, so I didn't have to paint a face on a volleyball to talk to all day.

Ryan, you're the man. Everyone else, you're cool, too. Unless you turned down the invitation, in which case, poop on you, here's what you missed:


  1. I never realized how thoroughly enjoyable a hike with 1 and a 1/3 guys and a dog could be. What I took from this hike:
    I need to find a dog as kick ass as Memphis that can be unleashed in the wild and not run away, but rather lead the way and occasionally trot back to make sure us old guys are okay. Just need to remember the line "she's friendly, do you want me to put her back on the leash?"
    I need to buy stock in zagnuts, because they're delicious.

    Thanks for the awesome day Mike (and Evan and Memphis)

  2. A volleyball wouldn't leave awesome comments on the pictures afterwards, either. Ryan 2, volleyball 0.