Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pine Knob Loop (now with 100% more Uncle Ed!)

Last weekend, we headed out for a hike at Pine Knob Loop in western Connecticut. My Uncle Ed drove an hour and a half to meet us at the trailhead and wander around the woods for a few hours. It felt like a little vacation, since vacation is usually the only time we get to hike with Uncle Ed.

What I'm trying to say is, Uncle Ed is the man! And not the kind of The Man that takes your money or tells you to do stuff.

Anyway, thanks, Berkshire Hiking website dude. You came through for us, once again. Very nice spot that we never would have found otherwise.

Some pics:


  1. The next-best thing to hiking must be to ride in a protective bubble on the back of someone who's hiking.
    Happy trails!!

  2. Dude, where did all that blonde hair come from? Did you dye it?

  3. Marcia -- I really hope he still likes hiking once he has to do some of the work. Happy trails to you, too!

    Perlson -- Yeah, we sure did. It's tough to get him to stay still at the baby salon with all the foil things in his hair.