Wednesday, October 07, 2009

PCBs build character

Since summer was only two weeks long this year, we didn't get out a whole lot. But we did sneak in one last pooch swim a few days back at the Mills Mansion in Staatsburg, NY. Memphis loves her some Hudson River.

Can you find the baby in this picture?

It's easier in this one:


  1. You like that place? That's where I work. Freaking love it.

  2. It's apparent from these pictures that your house must smell like a combination of wet dog and dirty diapers. Sounds delicious.

  3. Allen -- One of my favorite places in the world for sure. Whenever we start to argue politics, we can always bring this up as something we agree upon.

    Perlson -- We have one of those dogs that can go outside. What happens when your pug Lou goes swimming? I bet he'd dissolve.