Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What's that? More baby pictures?

Oh, okay.


  1. Such a beautiful baby deserves a beautiful blessing:

    Lucky stars above you,
    Sunshine on your way,
    Many friends to love you,
    Joy in work and play-
    Laughter to outweigh each care,
    In your heart a song-
    And gladness waiting everywhere
    All your whole life long!

    P.S. Love the lamby-blankie!

  2. Grandma Eileen7/08/2009 10:55 AM

    Evan is SOOOOO cute. I miss seeing him every day!

  3. Loon -- Awww, that's sweet. Just read it to Kara. Thanks!

    Grandma -- He misses you too :-) And he is pretty dang cute, isn't he?

  4. Grandpa Perlson7/10/2009 6:27 AM

    I like the yawning pic. He looks just like you in college when you had to get up for an 8am class.