Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Standing next to famous people: Dave (Frickin!) Barry

Kara and I just got back from seeing Dave Barry (AKA the rich man's Dave Barry) perform as the inaugural guest of SUNY New Paltz's Distinguished Speaker series a few hours ago. I'm sure I'll squeeze a column out of the evening soon, but I couldn't wait to post this picture:

Famous people just love standing next to me and smiling. What can I do? Actually, we had a special moment there, as Kara and I accosted him in the hallway. Here's our conversation, in its entirety:

Me: Dave, I've been writing a humor column for four years. Can I get a picture with you?
Dave: Yes.

In any event, I hope I absorbed some of his funniness, like Peter Petrelli from Heroes or Rogue from X-Men or Bounty from the paper goods aisle.


  1. You did this just to mock me, didn't you? Since I can't get myself photographed with TSE?

    Seriously, Dave LOOKS funny now. Like maybe Nanook of the North. After a whole winter of swigging Absolut.


  2. Thinking back now on your previous articles I do see the influence of D.B. on your style.

    Perhaps he'll pass the national syndication torch to you when he decides to retire.

  3. J. -- Yeah, you kinda missed the boat on getting your picture taken with T.S. Eliot. Maybe you could still get his autograph, though. Like, on eBay. And I think Dave looks like a badass. The mofo is 61 and has way more hair than me. Jerk.

    Allover -- The dude already retired, at least from his column. I think somebody intercepted the torch.

  4. This has nothing to do with Dave Barry or about your hair envy but since you don't have a general comments section...

    You have the new "followers" section...are you harkening back to the original Warcraft days with writing it as "You Follow Me?"?

  5. I met Dave Berry at a fundraiser earlier this year -- did you know he is co-authoring kids books now? AND has a BAND... I didn't ask to take a photo with him (darn!)... I'm just nosy.

    Great blog -- I'm ashamed to say I'm way behind the times. I've never read any until tonight and kind of stumbled upon yours... its touching and funny in a nice real life kind of way! well done.

  6. D-Rok -- I'd forgotten that quote from Warcraft, though I assume you, of all people other than maybe Karl Hungus, would catch the Blogjammin' reference a couple of sections down.

    Yasmina -- Thanks so much! Dang, you're chillin' with Dave, too? That dude gets around. Sounds like you guys had a bit more of a heart-to-heart than we did.