Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Calm submissive state

Puppy photosynthesis:

They had to shave her tum-tum for the ol' snippy snip snip. I point that out so you know I'm not shaving our dog's privates for kicks.

Fair warning: this site is in serious danger of becoming a dog blog (or dlog, as we call them in my head). I hope that's cool.

Speaking of our dog, know what our dog's favorite show is?

If you don't recognize that show, you must not spend much time on the National Geographic Channel. Or NatGeo, as they badly want us to start calling it for some reason. The three minutes she spent watching the Dog Whisperer was the longest she's sat still since we've had her.


  1. I love the Dog Whisperer and I wish he would come stay at my house with his cute little voice and retrain my husband, who for some reason THINKS he's the pack leader of this pack.

    I think your puppy is adorable!

  2. Just over from Mamma Schmoo's site. Cesar Rocks! I love how he totally gives it to the owner's and let's them know it their fault the dogs misbehave! I would like to see a show-down between him and the Super Nanny!

  3. Sheri -- Just make sure he never walks in front of you. That should do the trick. Oh, and maybe give him treats when he's good.

    Blondie -- Welcome! And I think that would be an excellent match up. Cesar would be sitting on the naughty chair for sure.