Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Popping an election

Have you caught '06 midterm election fever? Here are some of the early results:

*75% of precincts reporting. (Image source here. Update: Image ain't accessible there anymore. Much respect to whoever came up with it, though. Word.)


  1. okay so where are the ghosties???

  2. I think Pac ate up some of the conservatives' votes here in Virginia... poor Allen. NOT!

  3. busterp -- But only contains 10% fruit juice.

    Burfica -- I'm gonna bust that ghostie pic out again soon. That's thing's frickin' real.

    Lauren -- You're Macacin' me laugh!

  4. Love the chart! Oh, the good ol' days of Pac-Man. Nowadays, I have to wrestle the X-Box or PlayStation controls out of my boyfriend's hands just so I can watch TV... ;)