Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The boxer rebellion

There comes a time in every man's life when he must hang up his underwear on a pot rack in the kitchen.

For me, this time came at about the same time the dryer broke.


  1. Ok - there's goes my new wireless keyboard becuase I spit coffee onto it out of my nose laughing. Please put a warning before you post the funniest thing I've seen today. Underwear! On a potrack! F'ing A - Mike Todd - you are a seriously funny guy.

    ps. a broken dryer sucks ass. I know - I've had one before and my husband's underwear doesn't look half as good as yours.

  2. You seriously made my day. Now I can say I've seen Mike Todd's underwear (Sorry Kara). That was a good frickin' pic!

  3. lmfaooooooooooo been there done that. And it's just not right to hang the underwear outside, so they end up hanging all over the house.

  4. I want a pot rack in my kitchen

  5. Um. Let me clarify. I want a pot rack, but without Mike's underwear.

    OK. Just saying.

  6. Sheri -- It's nice to hear that someone has worse underwear than me. Maybe I'll start wearing them over my shorts to show off. And a wireless keyboard? Dang, Fancypants! Have you tried to type from the john while the computer's in the other room? That's what I'd do.

    Crissi -- Yo dude! That is a good frickin' pic, isn't it? It's like Ansel Adams, minus the birch trees. And don't worry about Kara -- she gets to see my underwear every day, spread all over the bedroom floor. And the bathroom floor. And the pot rack.

    Burfica -- You been there, too? Us underwear-hangers gotta stick together.

    Scott -- Pot racks are the way to go, man. You wouldn't regret the investment. I think it costs extra to upgrade to the Mike's Underwear model, though.