Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I ain't afraid of no 80's reference

A few weeks ago, I posted a guy's picture that won the Ghost Photo Contest put on by the SciFi channel. For reference, new folks and pot heads, here's the winning picture again:

I suppose there is a face-like thing going on up there in the corner window, but if you'll pardon my cynicism, methinks I may detect a wee bit o' the Photoshopping in that ring of light surrounding the ghost/curtain.

My Aunt Sister (yes, that name does rock) wrote me shortly after that posting and said, "Have you not seen the photo at Uncle Gene's place with the Confederate soldier reflected in the window of the old kitchen?" Mary Eleanor, my Mom's first cousin, had apparently snapped a pretty good ghost shot several years ago.

Uncle Gene's place is an old plantation house in North Carolina where my cousins still live. A couple, two three years back it served as a makeshift hospital during the Civil War. I hadn't ever seen the picture that Mary Eleanor took, and I honestly wasn't expecting too much, especially given the pictures in the photo contest that looked a whole lot like, well, not much.

So Aunt Sister graciously dug up the photo and gave it to my mom, who scanned it and sent it over. See if this ghost photo doesn't kick the Casper out of the ones in that contest:

The mofo's still wearing his hat! See it? This picture kinda gives me the willies. He looks like a pissed-off Ninja Turtle. Or maybe it's just a funky reflection. Still, I'm bringing my blankie with me next time we go to Uncle Gene's house.


  1. oh yeah - that's a freaky scary picture. He DOES look like a pissed off ninja turtle. yikes.

  2. I'm just no good at these things. I don't see no ninja turtle. It looks like Owen Wilson with a colandar on his head to me....

    Didja ever notice how Owen Wilson's nose looks sort of like a penis?

    I didn't, till Luann pointed it out to me. Damn that Luann...

  3. Sheri -- Thanks for joining my family in our insanity. I think there might be a little Predator in there, too.

    melodyann -- If someone had asked me this morning to bet on whether or not a picture of a (possible) ghost would lead to a discussion on the phallic properties of Owen Wilson's nose, I totally would have lost.

  4. Dude; you might need more than a blankie! Perhaps a lil bathing in white light wouldn't go amiss...

  5. Weird. That face reminds me of one of the creatures in the movie Signs.

    You must know that movie. The last good movie made by M.Night Shyamalan and one of the last screen appearances by Mel Gibson.

    Ask your Aunt if she has any clue what the song "Sister Surround" is about. (by Soundtrack of Our Lives)