Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's Occasional Picture Wednesday!

With half an hour left before another Wednesday gets away, here's another Hofer picture:

Also, you should probably click on this.


  1. a nice picture and a bonus click.

    reminds me of TBS's dinner and a movie; except it's a picture and an animated gif. (a funny one at that)

  2. Is Grammie okay? Or did she get finished off by the light sabre?

  3. Buster -- Ha! All we need now is an annoying guy and a hot chick to yack on and on at every commercial break. Actually, I've already got the annoying guy covered.

    Anna -- I don't think she made it.

  4. Yeah right John- Buster made that one happen over over again. LOL. Seriously Jen make a pizza and quit yer yappin'... duh randy. So where did you all go after the parking lot, i mean i stood there in the rain for like 3 hours. Where the hell is Mr. Hombodee anyways. Keep it coming Dan ~ Till next time. The best, the worst, the sexy lover... yeah right Quinn LOL... ha ha got cha.